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Re: Movie Recommendations/Want To See List
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I heard a lot of criticism, this sums most of that up nicely

This times a million.

First off, the movie has ZERO plot. If you cut the scenes and rearranged them, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. It's just a collection of supposedly tense scenes filled with supposed military stuff and explosions.

Second, Specialist Owen Eldridge is seen playing Gears of War. The movie takes place in 2004. GoW didn't come out till 2006. And this is just where the mistakes in this movie start. It's pretty pathetic. It looks like it was written by someone whose sole knowledge of the military comes from CNN and action flicks.

The portrayl of EOD types is borderline retarded. They simply don't let people in to the course like that.

The biggest one for me though was that they simply leave the base all by themselves. THIS NEVER freakING HAPPENS. Three guys don't jump in a HUMVEE and drive around Iraq. At least, they don't and live to tell the tale.

So basically, if they had portrayed it as a simple action flick, I'd have been fine. But they tried to portray it as some sort of intense, gritty war movie with psychological issues. And it isn't.