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Re: Movie Recommendations/Want To See List
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Groundhog day was on again last night.  That's always been one of those "well, i'm sitting in front of the TV for the next 2 hours" kind of movies when i find out its on.

I wish Bill Murray would quit with the "weird", and deep comedies he's been making the last 15 years and realize A. He's not too good for studio comedies and B. He's perfect in them. I get they are critically acclaimed and all that crap, but give me Groundhog Day or any non-surreal 80s Murray any day of the week. Crap, he's the jerk holding Ghostbusters 3 up. First he'll do it, then he's too good for it. I think he's great as a comedian and all, but he's obviously a total jerk in real life. And I say that despite him being my favorite actor growing up, largely due to Venkman and GD. His new film with Willis looks like the same old same old.