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Re: What are you listening to?
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Christmas is coming ...

Well, Ronny said pretty much that Steve Gaines was the best of the bunch of them.

I once organized a dorm (residential college in Yalie speak) party "southern rock night" where we had southern-themed drinks and a cover band.  The posters we put up around campus had the confederate battle flag as the background and advertized "plantation punch" or something like that.  At that time, the battle flag was closely associated with southern rock (I guess it still is).  I even wore a Marshall Tucker bootleg tee shirt I got iat a concert n Boston with that flag on it.  The next week the posters we were called out on that by an op-ed in the school newspaper on how it felt to be black and having to see that.  Idiot like me had not been thinking about the negative connotations (probably because I was from an area where the flag wasn't an issue).  kind of a precurser to the fights over the battle flag over the next few decades.  Personally, I never wore that tee shirt again.