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Re: What are you listening to?
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even this pointy-headed Ivy geek loved Skynyrd's mid-70s line up.  Loved Billy Powell's piano as kind of a counter to the guitars (especially Sweet Home Alabama). 

Do they still play "Mr. Saturday Night Special" or is that no longer consistent with their world view?  Or do you do like I did at a Springsteen concert in 2002 or so when he played "Worlds Apart" and take a p-ss break?

Actually, Worlds Apart has an awesome guitar break.

In response to your "Saturday Night Special" question - no, they don't play that often anymore.  Ronnie was against guns.  He owned one - for hunting, but didn't like the idea of everyone just having one.  Skynyrd has been more pro-guns now-a-days.  They'll still play SNS every now and then, but not often.  The songs they usually play every show are: "Sweet Home Alabama," "Simple Man," "Free Bird," "That Smell," "What's Your Name," "I Know A Little," "Gimme Three Steps," "Call Me The Breeze," "Gimme Back My Bullets," "Travelin' Man" (I love when they drop down the screen and show Ronnie - place goes nuts), "Red, White, and Blue," and "Tuesday's Gone."  They've started to play "The Needle and the Spoon" and "The Ballad of Curtis Loew" more often recently.  But of the new songs, they usually play: "Skynyrd Nation" (every show), "Still Unbroken," "Simple Life,"  "That's How I Like It," " Workin' ,"  and "Last of A Dyin' Breed" often.

Rickey has the same firepower Allen Collins does.  He's jumping around on stage getting the crowd excited.  I think that - since he was an original member - he wanted to bring some of the old Skynyrd to the new one.

Here is "Floyd" from their 2009 album "God & Guns."  This song features John 5 on guitar and Rob Zombie on backup vocals (you'll hear him on the chorus).  (Mind you, I did not put this video together, so please excuse me if you take offense to the flag on the video).

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Floyd