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Re: Ballpark bus to Nationals Park
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It's nice to have a representative from Ballpark bus on the forum.  I live close by the Arlington stop and would be interested in taking the bus.  However, I assume that there will be only one time that the bus leaves?  Do you know how early before games you anticipate to arrive at the ballpark especially if there is a promotional giveway that game?  Additionally, will single way fares be available?  I for one would be interested in taking the bus to DC but if it's a weekend game would be wanting to stay downtown after the game.

From Ballston, my initial guess is that we would leave around 6:15 for a 7:05 weekday game. Would love to know your reaction to that departure time (too early, too late). That time is not set in stone, so please don't let it scare you off :)

I don't anticipate being able to sell one-way fares. We think everyone will love our pricing though (dying to announce it, but can't just yet), so you may actually find it affordable enough even if you are only riding one way.