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Re: Ballpark bus to Nationals Park
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Glad to hear it! If you don't mind me asking, what area would you like a Ballpark Bus Station to be?

We will ultimately be providing service to every home game (and maybe even up to Baltimore and Philly depending on how things are rolling when those series come up).

Initially, though, we anticipate a "soft opening" where we focus on weekend games and maybe 1 or 2 weekday games. We fully understand that in order for this to work, the word about Ballpark Bus needs to spread, and that's just going to take some time. Each bus will require a minimum number of riders in order to run, and the higher-attended games obviously give us a better chance at meeting this minimum number. But believe me, we are chomping at the bit to service each and every game. So as demand continues to rise, you can bet that we'll continue to offer service to more and more games.

As for rainouts/, postponements, etc., there will have to be some element of "at your own risk" as you mentioned. Rule of thumb is if a bus runs, it will need to be paid for, even if the game is called in the first inning. We'll also have to set some sort of time limit when folks will need to return to their bus and head back home, though we are aware of the average MLB game time (a shade under 3 hours) and will provide a very comfortable buffer beyond that so fans will almost always get to take in the full game. Plenty of details like these that will continue to be ironed out as we move forward.

Thanks for your question, and we hope to have a Ballpark Bus Station set up near you soon!