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Re: Ballpark bus to Nationals Park
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Something that might affect some people's decisions (good to know generally as well if, like me, one takes Metro to the matches) - proposed Metrorail/bus fare increases with effect from this coming July:

Fare Changes

The General Manager’s operating budget projects $66 million in new revenue from fare changes that will be the subject of public hearings in February and March. In addition to generating revenue to balance the budget, the proposed series of fare adjustments are designed to simplify the fare structure; create more user-friendly fares for out-of-town visitors and occasional riders; encourage the use of SmarTrip cards; and improve boarding time on bus for cash fares.

The proposed rail fare adjustments would:

Eliminate the peak-of-the-peak (POP) surcharge
Increase peak-period SmarTrip fares (used by 4 out of 5 riders) by an average of less than five percent with a maximum peak fare of $5.75
Better align off-peak SmarTrip fare structure to peak-period fare structure, which would:
           Increase base off-peak fare from $1.60 to $1.70 per trip
           Index off-peak mileage fares to peak fares
Set the maximum off-peak fare at $3.50.
Simplify paper farecard pricing to two-period flat-fares – a $6 flat fare during peak periods and $4 off peak (Paper farecards are primarily used by occasional riders and out-of-town visitors.)
Eliminate the short-trip pass and day pass

The proposed bus fare adjustments would:

Increase SmarTrip local bus fares by a dime, from $1.50 to $1.60
Round cash boarding to nearest dollar -- $2 for local/limited stop bus; $4 for express bus (no change to airport routes)
The proposal also includes a 25-cent increase in parking fees, rebalances the number of reserved parking permits, and decreases the bike locker rental fee to $120 annually. MetroAccess fares would be adjusted commensurate with rail and bus increases, with a maximum of $7.40 per trip.

[Full page from which above was excerpted:]