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Re: Ballpark and area news
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[...]Edit: I found the WaPo article that talked about her hire - she played clarinet in the US Navy Band while stationed at the Navy Yards. So, she's ex-military. So, instead of a Red Sox bar, maybe it will be like an "officer's club" - or she could attract fellow woodwind players... it's as much of a stretch as her attracting Red Sox fans...

We'll I said earlier, it's the clientele that will make or break the place, not the intentions of the founders* - and word getting round about an entity that apparently had a pretty good rep in Baaaaaaaaaaaaahston could bring the entitlement-besotted (and heavily politically-connected and - worse - incredibly full-of-themselves) fandom in. Whether or not Megan Parisi actually set out from day one to start a Red Sox local here, the clientele will ultimately answer that question.

If it's got no overt Red Sox orientation, and if it's got no dress codes and no doormen, I might actually give it a go...if not, no major tragedy - there's plenty of beer in the vicinity of TBSITH.

*for a spectacular example of just how off-the-rails it can go (in terms of targeting one clientele and missing horribly), check out the history of the (now-defunct) Firkin pub chain in England