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Re: Ballpark and area news
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My Chelsea - your paranoia is enough to make me wear my Red Sox shirt & hat when the Yankees are here

From BiL's original post of 25th January in this thread:

'Maybe more important, however, is the fact that NRG has hired a head brewer: Megan Parisi, former lead brewer at Cambridge Brewing Co. in Massachusetts.'

Not just 'worked in Boston' but held a management position in the company...guilty until proven innocent. Besides, it's the clientele that ultimately makes a place - even if she does try to sell the place strongly to real Nats fans, if the place gets taken over nightly by the Red Sox Nation yuppie/politisheep crowd that's what will decide.

The Red Sox Nation obsession has gotten out of has absolutely overrun this area. Right round the corner from where I work there's a place with a real identity crisis - it's decked out in a Dallas Cowboys colour scheme but regularly flies University of Wisconsin and Packers banners...except during baseball season when they've got a Red Sox flag up. It's really gone over the top.