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Re: Ballpark and area news
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More detail about the new brewpub opening at the Boilermaker shops.

"....the new establishment will contain a full-scale production brewery, a brewpublike tasting room (with a single long table and 20 or so barrels for aging sour beers) and a 200-plus-seat restaurant overseen by Birch & Barley/ChurchKey executive chef Kyle Bailey. Maybe more important, however, is the fact that NRG has hired a head brewer: Megan Parisi, former lead brewer at Cambridge Brewing Co. in Massachusetts.

[emphasis added]

...delightful, another place for lobbyists and other politisheep to hang out before and after matches, in their business suits and Red Sox caps...I think I'll just stick with what's on offer inside the park, thank you (haven't seen anything yet among the new openings that's even remotely attractive).