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Collie - the idea that the storm surge in the mid-Atlantic was near what hit from Atlantic city northwards just is wrong. 

Wasn't that what I was asking in my original post? We got the worst of the rain. That was why I began asking what exactly caused the massive devastation in NJ and NY if it wasn't the coastline living.

In regards to Andrew - Yeah, most of FL is on the coast. But that was a storm with winds of divine apocalypse standards. Houses nowhere near the coast were destroyed by the winds alone.

At the end of the day, it's simple. I might enjoy having a tree's shade and environmental benefits 99% of the time. But there's a reason there isn't one in my yard, because eventually, live long enough, the freaker will come down. It's clearly different strokes for different folks, the loss and anguish from Sandy is horrible and undeserved. But it's like with climate change, the seas rise and these coastlines are all under water. I was simply perplexed and misanthropic at the "How could this happen? Why us?" crap that literally every broadcast aired.

Nobody bothers responding to the comparison to LA... If you have a brain cell, you know eventually, almost definitely in my lifetime, the city might be nearly destroyed by an earthquake. If it's worth the risk, more power to them. But there is a way to avoid this crap, and that's by not living in a place where once every century you'll have massive natural destruction. There is a reason I don't and never will live anywhere near the coast, near a fault line, near Tornado alley, near a volcano, in SE Asia where a tsunami is likely, etc. Etc. Etc. Why I have no trees and a generator. Short of God personally targeting my home, I don't have to worry about anything but the tiny possibility of a once a millennia Cat 5 with winds of total loss destruction. There is a way to avoid this type of stuff, and that's by knowing if, over a normal human lifespan, the odds of mother nature coming to rape you is a near definitive. Likewise I realize living here that if nuclear war ever happens, I'll be one of the first dead with DC the prime target. In that case I don't want anyone's sympathy, because that's a chance I take and accept by living here.

Andrew is the perfect parallel. This storm was barely a hurricane. If a Cat 5 ever hits, it'll rake across the land and kill folks hundreds of miles from the shore. Then there's a legitimate "Holy crap, who could have expected that?"

But when properties on the coast get washed away, the human toll is equally horrific, but there just isn't that "Who could have thought this would ever happen?" Because I can guarantee in the next century Sandy is gonna look like a joke. You'll get that one perfect storm in August, a Cat 4 or higher hitting the Mid Atlantic. Then everything they rebuild now goes bye bye again, and people miles away unmolested by Sandy will lose everything too. This storm, on the grand scheme of things, was basically a tropical storm. There is no cause for the massive impact save for the coastline thing, because like I said, when they have 160mph winds, 70-80mph of Sandy is going to seem laughable.

As far as this new jerk poster who needs to go bye-bye if for no other reason than unwarranted, unproductive and vile personal attacks, kindly freak off k thnx. Go back to rooting to the Redskins, any moron registering in the past month should stick with your lifelong passion for the Yankees or Red Sox.