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Re: The Weather (2012)
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Hope everyone made it through alright.  Up in the Jerz we got harsh harsh winds (inland up near Trenton) and record high tides with flooding.  The Jersey Shore no longer exists I'm pretty sure.  For all of those who will make a lame joke right now, it's really a shame.  I have been vacationing there since I was a little kid (not Sleazeside though) and all of the things that I grew up loving down there are pretty much destroyed or washed out to sea. 

My condolences to all of those who are effected by this terrible storm.  I lucked out and didn't lose power, internet, phone or any property damage.  I consider myself and the family heavily blessed by these facts as many friends of mine have at the very least lost power or have some damage.  I know folks in South Jersey who also lost quite a bit.

Anything I can do to help anybody out on here, please let me know.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all!