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Most of the generators I've heard are so loud that going without power would be preferable to having to subject one's eardrums to that assault.

Is it quiet? No, definitely not. But I sleep literally a foot away from the generator. Its on the outside wall opposite my bedroom and bed. I woke up and didn't even know if it was still running, it was. Definitely not as loud as a lot of the hand crank gas generator people are used to. And since I still don't have power back, worth every decibel of noise.

These natural gas generators are just great. Low noise, comes on automatically seconds after you lose power. Hooked up to the gas line, infinite fuel, plugs into the circuit breaker and runs the entire house. In August I had every TV on, the AC, lights... never overloaded it. It's definitely paid for itself this year, third multiple day power loss with two months still to go.