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Re: The Weather (2012)
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Huge fire in Breezy Point, New York:

My aunt lives about three blocks from where it was supposedly centered. We haven't heard from her, no idea whether her house survived. In a way, I hope she doesn't know, as that would mean she had evacuated. It's a sick irony to see a huge fire blazing in a flooded neighborhood.

I'm relieved that the roof on my house is intact as far as I can tell (bit hard to see the back side through some trees). I always worry about it since I know the time for replacement is coming. No trees down on my block, no cars damaged, no power outages.

....BUT my wife's firm announced they're open at 10:00 today and that everyone is expected to be there. Idiotic. They're located at the Watergate office building. Ms1995hoo plans to drive to work....makes me rather uncomfortable given the location. She normally goes over Memorial Bridge and loops around back under the bridge on the DC side. I think I may insist she take 23 Street today because the river is running so high.