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Re: The Weather (2012)
« Reply #600: October 29, 2012, 10:09:28 AM »
They just had a psyschologist on TV talking about how to ease kids' fears about the storm.  :hang:  What the freak kind of society do we live in! If this crap had happened when I was a kid I would be happy as hell to stay home from school so I can spend the day improving my high scores on Atari.

I know I was the kind of kid who liked getting school off no matter what the circumstances but my sister was (and still is, somewhat) scared of storms like this. They just freak her out! It may be mostly irrational but you always read headlines nowadays about the amount of people who die or get injured during storms. What they neglect to mention is that about 99% of those people were idiots who were driving or outside their homes when they got crushed by a tree.

I can tell you though that she is very happy that she won't be in school :lol: but just tries to keep her mind off the destructive winds and possible flooding!

At least if the power goes out I won't be missing any of the World Series :(