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Re: The Weather (2012)
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Neighborhood still without power. On the border of Arlington and Falls Church near Westmoreland. Here's where having a genny pays off. My beautiful Generac 20KW natural gas generator is purring like a kitten, and has enough kick that not only can I run everything in the house but the AC too. I'm sure my neighbors are ready to kill me. Bought it last March, never thought it would pay off this much this soon.

Neighborhood got hit pretty hard. Two massive trees blocked the roads, one fell on the wires and as I type they still lay in the street. When I walked around Friday night, I overheard a woman say at that location, on Hay**** road, some 16 year old wasn't breathing for 20 minutes, they performed CPR, couldn't get through to 911, flagged a tow truck down to find help. No way he survived 20 minutes dead, but I can't find word one about it anywhere
Did anyone hear anything about that? I can't believe, even with CPR, anyone survives 20 minutes.