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Re: The Weather (2012)
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No AC.   :hang:  The storm damaged the pool in my community that it was closed for most of the day yesterday while they cleaned it up and fixed things around.

The one still lingering effect is that the land phone service still hasn't returned. To show how little that is used anymore I didn't even notice it until just now when I went to check it.

I don't know where these people were from but my sister told me yesterday that she met people who were leaving town for the weekend because they had no power. How did you manage for that time? In other words, what did you do to compensate for the things you normally do that require electricity? I heard that around here grocery stores ran out of ice they had stocked for the 4th of July.

we went over to that one gas station with everyone else to charge our phones and such, and we cooked on the grill.

beyond that, we were just hot and bored.