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That bag is.... what's the word I'm looking for? Ali? Any ideas?

I've been looking for a really good messenger bag for a while and decided to give Chrome a try.  So far this bag has been totally bad ass but it's kind of small so I ordered a large one in mint green that I'm going to try out this weekend.  The pannier bag I was using is great for certain things but I started getting nervous with my laptop strapped to it in traffic instead of strapped to my body.

Oh, and get some damn road tires for that bike. I like the Michelin City. HUGE difference in efficiency, quietness.

Yeah, those are the original tires that came with this thing when I bought it eight years ago.  I've been meaning to replace them but just haven't figured out the best tires to buy.  Really what I want to do is remove both of the derailers, 86 the cassette and go to a single speed with a 2:1 gear ratio.