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Re: The Weather (2012)
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Not even funny, my grandmother does that to me all the time when there's a chance of snow. We have an Excursion, 4WD, jacked up a little bit. 1 inch of snow isn't going to stop us from getting to her, let alone that Blizzard we had two-years ago. Excursion ate right through it like it was nothing.

Surprised she hasn't called me already asking to run to the store and get it for her. Worst part about it, when we actually do get some snow and I don't want to be out with the idiots who can't drive, she'll call last minute, so not only do I have to wait in line for 5 hours just to buy three things, but I have to deal with them, making what should be a 15 min drive to her house, into an hour.

BTW, she's a computer type old grandmother, so she can warn you a good 4+ days before the big stuff is going to happen. Just decides waiting till last minute is best, probably because she panics. She's from the mid-west where they use to get 3ft at a time and crap.


Need to keep a loaf of bread in the freezer for her and some of that irradieted milk that never goes bad with a 12 pack of TP in the truck. Never be caught off guard!