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Re: MLB & Division Watching (2012)
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They really need harsher penalties for failed tests.  Ruiz was just an OK hitter and all of a sudden, last year, he starts mashing.  At 33, he has his first monster offensive year.  Surprise - he fails a drug test.  Now, he gets suspended.  But he will still get his money in arbitration - way more than he would have if he continued to hit like an average-ish hitter.

Melky gets caught and gets a 2 year contract worth millions. 

Where is the disincentive to cheat here?  Why wouldn't terrible players cheat to become average players, and why woulnd't average players cheat to become good players?  A 25 or 50 game suspension is a small price to pay for setting yourself and your family up for life with one big contract.

edit - here are Ruiz's career stats.  There are 2 big jumps apparent.