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Re: MLB & Division Watching (2012)
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Inge started out as a SS.  He is an incredible athlete.  I'm thinking it'll be his bat and not his glove that stops this.

I would agree with this statement... a few years ago.  His knees have been pretty much reconstructed and it took him down a notch.  This was also the reason they stopped using him in the OF and at C after 2008.  He fits in perfectly with the current set of players in terms of his speed (sloooow) and his bat has always pretty much been sub standard.  With that said, he still handles 3B very well and is a max effort type of guy, hard to hate on him too much because of that.  He also comes up pretty regularly with some clutch hits.  Them trying him at 2B is more an indication of their lack of depth up the middle defensively coupled with a desire to find a spot for him to get some at-bats now that 3B has been claimed by Miggy.  In all likelihood, Detroit's MI is going to be Santiago and Peralta with Inge probably getting a limited # of at-bats at second.