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Re: The "Former Nat Watch" Thread (2012)
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And Shawn Hill gets the non-curly W.

Hill seems to have had the worst medicals ever. Two Tommy Johns, plus a surgery to relieve pressure in the nerves in his pitching arm. That's the one I remember when he was with the Nats...and it turns out to have been a mistake. Unnecessary.

Says he had pain all the time; spent time between starts just recovering enough from the pain to try again.

A doctor (Tampa Bay Devil Rays?) finally noticed that a bone in his back (approximately) would cut blood flow to his arm every time he threw. That is, cause of problem far away from where the symptom show. They removed a rib, and he now pitches without pain.

Got picked up by Blue Jays -- he's from a suburb of Toronto -- while pitching for the Canadian national team in some tournament.

Take a look at his Baseball Ref entry and see the money he made from or below major league minimum, although only counts his salary through 2009.

Hats off to Shawn Hill!