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Re: The "Former Nat Watch" Thread (2012)
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I checked again, and Dunn Ked twice tonight, in addition to an RBI somehow without a hit, SF or grounder. I post not because of that, but because I just noticed this: His last ten games per 6 games with 3ABs, 1 game each with 2 and 1 Abs. 8 of ten games with three or fewer official Abs. His OBP is an awesome 372, on pace for 44 Hrs. I just wish this would end at this point, because the old record that stood 50 years was what, 15 games, and we are up to 26 now.

What makes it so mind blowing is the 8/10 three Abs or less thing. It's not a testament of crap play, just a unbelievable string of bad luck. It's even more insane with Dunn performing so well. It's one thing if a player is hitting below 100 and striking out every AB. To perform *so* well, have so few Abs, and yet the streak goes on, the odds of such a thing lasting 26 games all things considered is just mind blowing. It's an insane freak occurance and statistically next to impossible odds wise.