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Re: The "Former Nat Watch" Thread (2012)
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Cincinnati's Willie Harris 34ABs 0HR 1RBI .088/.139/.147/.286
ChiCubs' Soriano 84ABs 0 HR 11RBI .250/.261/.274/.535
Houston's Justin Maxwell 27ABs 1HR 3RBI .259/.300/.370/.670
Milwaukee's Nyjer Morgan 57ABs 0HR 0RBI .175/.217/.175/.392
Pittsburgh's Joel Hanrahan 8G 4Sv 8.0IP 12K 8BB 1.38WHIP 3.38ERA
St Louis' JC Romero 8G 4,2IP 0.86WHIP 0.00ERA

What happened to Willie Harris?  I thought he had a decent year last year.  I also thought he'd be a decent pickup for us as another outfield bat.  He's worse than Nady and DeRosa.