Author Topic: The "Former Nat Watch" Thread (2012)  (Read 36655 times)

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Re: The "Former Nat Watch" Thread (2012)
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Ha. But that doesn't fit Coladar's fantasy narrative, blue!

Lol, whatever. I never said he didn't start to stop the streak, simply that putting him in as a PH in the ninth might have been as much to stop the streak as to try and get a hit in a close game in the ninth inning. I have no clue where on earth you are getting this fantasy I hate Dunn or want him to fail. It's an interesting record that I know I, at the very least, am interested in. I'd be almost as interested if it were not a former Nat, but it is, and that makes it all the more so. But this delusion I hate Dunn? Lol, whatever, I'd like to see one post where I was glad Dun was gone, or didn't want then to sign him, resign him, and keep him here.