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Re: The "Former Nat Watch" Thread (2012)
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Omg... Poor, poor, poor Adam Dunn. Wtf man. So they give him a day off from starting, and he enters as a PH late in the game... A PH in the AL, mind you. I'd imagine he was inserted as a PH partially to stop the streak, and let him get it out of his head. So one single AB, to stop the consecutive games with a k, and what does he do? Strikes out, 17 games and counting. Damn, I really feel bad for him. Obviously being traded to AL and DHing was the worst thing that could have happened, because he is so much better than that. And before I get attacked, what else did he do? Nothing. He had one AB and he struck out. He's at least still .246, with four Hrs on the year, so it ain't all bad. But King in your teams first 17 consecutive games is not a record one wants. Particularly when they put you in as a PH in the 9th, all but guaranteed to stop the streak, and you K. Hopefully tomorrow ends it.