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Re: The "Former Nat Watch" Thread (2012)
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So, Spin, should I pick up Bally for $1 on my FA transactions this week?  how's he looking?
DPM- The grand daughter is a doll! Too cute. This is one proud Grandpa here.

Bally is holding his own. Through Spring training and the start of this season he hasn't let an inherited run score. Unfortunaletly 2 of his earned runs have been through inherited runs scoring. But thats ok.
 One thing I see that Leyland does is he does more situational pitching rather than leave the relievers in the game. Lefty against lefty and righty against righty. Yesterday Collin was cruising with 2 out and 1 on first base, he was taken out for a lefty, lefty situation and the batter hit a 1 run triple. Earned run scored. Oh well.
 He likes being with the Tigers and we all are thrilled with the early success of the Nats! GO Nats! Go Tigers!
 Jackson pitched lights out , Stammen is doing the job, HRod is looking awesome,Werth is Worth his money and all of this without Stras at his best right now, and the Beast Mode Morse out. Good things are happening in DC.