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Loudoun hounds kind of backhanded way of congratulating the Pnats on their new stadium deal.  Looks like the Hounds wont be playing until 2014 now.  They will be the 2nd tennant to a possible professional soccer team?  Any how.  This link is their congratulations to the Pnats. Just seems a little like Yay for you!  You screwed us over!

August 16, 2012

Baseball has never been more exciting in the D.C. area. The Orioles are strongly contending for a wildcard spot while the Nationals have the best record in the Majors. All of us at VIP Sports & Entertainment know your next question: When will the Loudoun Hounds be added to the mix?

Here is the latest on our Ballpark:

Our one and only goal right now is to open the Ballpark in 2014.

 You’ve likely heard that the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) has approved Kincora for a significant loan that will allow the developers to build Pacific Boulevard and two crossings of the Broad Run at Gloucester Parkway/Nokes Boulevard and at Russell Branch Parkway. The CTB’s vote, while critical, wasn’t the final action.

 The developers are dotting the ‘I’s’ and crossing the ‘T’s’ with the Secretary of Transportation’s office and are awaiting his due-diligence review. We should be hearing more by early Fall.

If you have been past the developing Kincora site, you know that Pacific Boulevard has begun around the new Fire & Rescue Station. What the Hounds need is for the road to begin its journey to the Ballpark and that hasn’t happened yet. So we all anxiously await the Secretary’s final sign-off before we can officially announce our groundbreaking and timeline.

You may have also heard/read/blogged about the potential for a professional soccer club joining the Hounds at the Ballpark. We can confirm that we have had very high-level discussions with the North American Soccer League (NASL), the United States’ second division for men’s professional soccer. It is also the future (and past) home of the famous New York Cosmos and you can find out more about the NASL at

As far as any potential team, it would be owned by an entity separate and apart from VIP Sports & Entertainment but would be the second major tenant of the Ballpark. We will have more on this matter as we move closer to groundbreaking, but we are confident that come 2014, Loudouners and fans across the region will have plenty to cheer about when they come to the Ballpark.

I hope this helps answer some of the pressing questions out there. As always, we will let HoundsNation know as soon as we can what the exact timeline will be.


Bob Farren
President and CEO
VIP Sports & Entertainment and The Loudoun Hounds Professional Baseball Club