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Re: Follow the Minor League Teams (2012)
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RP - Herrera - 16th round in 2010

Not sure what happened with Mark... likely injury, though. Had a solid debut season in SS Vermont throwing 25 innings while striking out 31 and posting a 2.88 ERA. In 2011 he only got in 5.1 innings for the GCL club posting a 3.38 ERA. Life of a later round pick, I suppose.

RP - Jenkins - 17th round in 2008

Jenkins walked more guys than he struck out in 2011. That's an easy ticket out of town as a low levels minor league arm.

1B/DH - Moldenhauer - 24th round in 2010

Moldenhauer I'm a bit more surprised about.

2010 - .268/.377/.500/.877 in 138 AB in SS Vermont

2011 - .289/.371/.453/.824 in 190 AB in SS Auburn,
2011 - .174/.220/.261/.481 in 46 AB in Low A Hagerstown

I guess when you're a low round pick, out of college, and you don't post solid numbers right away, you risk the chance of being cut... and I guess the team thought they had someone with a bit more upside than Moldenhauer.

OF - Mozingo - 19th round in 2010

The writing had to be on the wall for Mozingo.

After putting up a respectable .359 OBP in SS ball (Vermont) in 2010, actually walking more times than he struck out 38/36, he only got in 20 games in the GCL in 2011 (either due to injury or demotion) and put up a .313 OBP.

OF - Nunez - 36th round in 2010

Hit .232/.302/.336/.638 with 0 HR and 13 RBI in 125 AB in 2010. Didn't get in a game in 2011. Never made it out of advanced Spring Training or was hurt. Either way, he's no longer part of the Nats minor league system.

C - Pena - NDFA in 2006

Career .225/.296/.303/.598 hitter over six seasons of affiliated ball. As a catcher, obviously he got more chances to iron things out on the offensive side... but when you're 24 and playing in SS ball, and you only hit .222/.280/.283/.563, your playing days are numbered.

2B - Perez - 8th round in 2009

A bit of a head scratcher as you don't see guys in the Top 10 rounds given up on so early. Hit .270/.288/.348/.636 in SS Auburn over 115 AB in 2011. His 3/24 BB/K rate is pretty bad, so that may have played a part... but otherwise, not sure what the Nats saw that warranted a release.

RP - Rivera - NDFA in 2007

Spent three of his five seasons with the DSL club and put up decent numbers... and his numbers weren't too bad state side, but he really didn't stand out either way. Went 3-0 with a 2.81 ERA in 20 games for SS Auburn this year over 25 innings pitched. Only had a 15/10 K/BB rate, though.

OF - Rowe - 21st round in 2010

Hit .202/.243/.341/.584 in 129 AB in 2010 for SS Vermont. Regressed to hit .192/.288/.308/.596 in 146 AB for SS Auburn as a 22 year old in 2011.