Author Topic: Hagerstown Suns on the move?  (Read 17058 times)

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Re: Hagerstown Suns on the move?
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they did last year, and the Nats pulled games from the stadium over the crappy field conditions.  I think the story posted here was that the P-Nats took a cheaper than recommended route in upgrading the drainage system and it failed.

They were forced to double the size of the club-houses as well, they completed the home team clubhouse early last season and were supposed to be working on the visitor club-house this off-season.  They also replaced the grass this winter.  Still, the park is a dump compared to most others, especially if you sit in the bleachers.

I remember all that. It was so bad, that the Nats were skipping Strasburg/Harper/Zimmerman (rehab) from playing on the crappy field.

I knew they re-did the field a second time this off-season. Wasn't aware of the improvements to the clubhouse.