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New Year's Eve Resolution for 2012
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 So my New Year's Eve Resolutions are not to throw popcorn at the TV, and swear like a drunken sailor, when I see on TV:
      1. Interviews by Deb Taylor at Nats away games.
      2. Stupid errors made by Nats players-like Ian Desmond.
      3. And terrible Umpire calls

My New Year's Eve Resolutions, when I am at the Nats games, are:
      1. Not  to scream at umpires for terrible calls during the games - such as chanting "Bad Call" - "Get a pair of glasses" -etc., with a megaphone.....
      2. Not to jump on the field during the President's race and drag Teddy across the finish line -First....
      3. Not to tell "Coach" he has a phone call, right before he is getting ready to climb on top of the Nats dug-out to lead the crowd in the song "Sweet Caroline".
      4. Not to tell Screech, that the Caps Eagle mascot is more talented than him......I mean he can ice skate - right...

Those are a few of my New Year's Eve resolutions - What are Yours?    :cheers: