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Re: Define Natitude
« Reply #75: December 18, 2011, 03:30:00 PM »
MDS - you see, maybe it is my SSS perspective, but I call Werth a disappointment and not a bust.  I expected more, but he still had a 20 HR season, walked 11+% of the time (roughly half what he K'd, but I don't get as annoyed at Ks as others), stole 19 bases, played OK defense, and ran bases well (not just steals).  Even with his worst year in terms of extra base hits and OBP in while, he's not a liability except on the income statement and balance sheet.  He did not show any lameness or deterioration athletically, and looked OK in CF.  In fact, I liked him a lot better out there away from the potato masher screen / light board / high wall in right.  But is it possible that someone like Marky Mark has a some of the WNFF panic poster in him and says "I'll never allow another player to be signed for more than 5 years, and no pitcher is getting more than 3?"  Maybe he's just putting enough pressure on Rizzo to make Rizzo gun shy.