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Re: Define Natitude - Dream Mother Freaking Team
« Reply #475: January 05, 2012, 08:56:41 AM »
Let's compare corner position offense if we had Prince:

Nats - prince, RZ, morse, Werth / harper
Phillies - Howard (Thome/wigginton), Polanco?, Pence, Mayberry
Marlins - Sanchez, Hanley, LoMo, ? (brain freeze)

NYY - F-Face, Aroid, Gardner, Swish
Bos - Adrian, Yooooooooook, Crawdads, Ryan Sweeney/Kalish
LAA - Pujols, ? (Trumbo will get a shot, but right now it is Maicer, I think), Hunter, Trout or Wells

A lot of those teams have more established talent up the middle (Utley, Ruiz, victorino, rollins; Jeter, Cano, Granderson; Pedrioa, Ellsbury, and eventually Lavarnway :) ), but our line up does not look to be too outclassed.