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Re: Define Natitude - Dream Mother Freaking Team
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you are so trolling ;)

Uh, no, I'm just rooting for my team which seems serious about contending for the first time ever.  Very disappointing to wake up with no concrete news, but based on there now being a third independent confirmation on Twitter it's looking like a done deal in the next few hours.  The official announcement will likely happen during west coast business hours while the big question is which of the MSM guys gets the confirmation first.  I'd be surprised if they aren't doing everything they can to track these Twitter guys down in order to chase their sources.

It is going to be so freaking awesome to finally walk down the halls at work and talk a little smack.  These local teams have been killing me and I can't stand all the jerk-offs rooting for out of town teams.  With our rotation and Fielder in the middle of our line-up we can play with any team in the league, bring on the mighty Red Sox, Yankees, and Phillies, bring on the season, we've got a dream freaking team.