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I'd also say that trading for four years of arbitration with a good left handed starter isn't exactly the cheapest way out either.

Hell of a lot cheaper than Burleyeye.


I knew you'd love that, I was shocked you hadn't come out and made that argument yet yourself :lmao:

What else can he do. The timing of the column made Bos look stupid. There he is saying that the Lerners are stopping the baseball people from pulling off trades the very day they pull off one of the biggest trades in the team's history.

Wrong.  You no more know that the article DIDN'T influence the trade than we know it DID.  Hypocrisy, woo!

The thing is, this trade doesn't prove LAC or LANC. It really makes no difference to the Lerners (4 million, but not really a difference)

SANITY :clap: