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Re: Define Natitude
« Reply #400: December 23, 2011, 07:50:13 AM »
From the comment section of Boz's column bashing the Lerners:

Quote from: Thomas_Boswell
12/22/2011 9:37 PM EST
Tom Boswell here.
The Gio Gonzalez trade was the precipitating cause for Thursday morning's column and it's tone of urgency. 
"However, here's what's worse than not opening the checkbook for free agents __and it's what I suspect is happening now. If your baseball people say, 'We finally have the prospects to trade for a key piece. We'll have to give up lots...but it's the right move,'" .then the owner should say, "Yes." 
Glad that Ted Lerner and the Nats board said, Yes."
Have a great night.

Hey old man Lerner, how does it feel to know that your GM played you like a nag in the media?  When you said "no", Rizzo called up his buddy at the Post and got them to write a column calling you out for being cheap.  Bet you love that.  So what happens next time Rizzo has big plans that you don't agree with?  Do you dare say no?  This little trick worked once, surely it will work again.  One phone call from Rizzo, Boz whips up another hit piece and every internet trouble maker in town rips the team until ownership is forced to cave in to Rizzo's demands.  That sounds like a healthy business atmosphere.