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more gold ...

Quote There has been some criticism that the Lerners are tough negotiators who may be tight with a dollar. What are your feelings on this?
Lerner: I am quite proud of our business practices. In fact, one of the reasons MLB said they selected our ownership group was because they thought we would be the group most effective at holding the contract on the stadium to schedule and budget. The Commissioner has said he believes we understand that the most effective way to build a franchise is through prudent investment, not buying sprees that damage the parity of all baseball.
I'm proud that my father and my brothers-in-law have a reputation for hard work and the pursuit of excellence. I guarantee that if you know our historic work product, you will see that we do not cheat or compromise quality. We pay attention to detail. We demand accountability from ourselves and from the people who work for us. Because we do not cut corners, some critics think we're uncompromising. That is not a criticism, as far as I'm concerned. The end product will be the best in the game. That's our goal. We believe our hometown and our fans deserve nothing less than the strongest and the best.