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Re: Define Natitude: #VoteBill
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Is it possible the organization isn't reaching out to them?   When I think of large companies in this area, I think of government contracts, etc.   Maybe I'm a different fan demographic but they could give away Miller Lite steins every night and I wouldn't drink Miller Lite.  :)   I agree with you though  ....  the kids (mine did anyway) love bobble heads, towels, hats, etc.

As a government contractor, these corporations don't advertise much. The business model is to respond to a gov't RFP and win the contract. Advertising and corporate sponsorships won't help win an RFP. Also, on a federal contract, the profit amount is limited and there isn't the millions lying around to sponsor a stadium.

Agree with you on Miller Lite. Blecchhh. But the masses lap it up; it's truly a horrible product.