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Re: Define Natitude: MLB TV for game 3
« Reply #1775: October 09, 2012, 12:13:03 PM »
For people who aren't going to the game tomorrow and don't have the MLB Network I'd start figuring out which local bars will be showing the game. Guarantee that 90% of the local bar managers don't even know the channel number even in cases where they get the network.

...this is one case where having the afternoon fixture helps those who would want to watch it in a bar/pub/restaurant/whatever - no competition (not like trying to get a Caps match on the bar's telly on a late March evening when the college hoop tournaments are on, or for that matter getting baseball on an NFL Sunday).

...and a reason for bar-goers to hope we DON'T get the prime-time fixture Thursday, since that means our match goes up directly against Titans-Steelers.