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The Nats said they didn't want to give Oswalt a 3 year deal so Oswalt says he's OK with a 1 year deal through the media....Why isn't he signed? Lets go back just 1 year... they didn't want to pay Joel Peralta $925,000 so they let him go??? Who is judging talent on the Nats? Peralta pitches lights out and will make over $2 Million this year with a playoff contender! They let Hanrahan this rate we could nearly field a team of former Nats players that have been to the playoffs. All because of not wanting to pay the guys. If I were Zim I wouldn't sign an extension right now. By over paying( Werth) one year doesn't mean you don't pay at all the next year. If things don't change in a hurry 2011 will be the last time the Nats reach 80 wins for a long, long time.