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Re: Define Natitude: z-Washington
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Well to be completely honest I haven't really been a baseball/Nats fan until this season. My roommate is a huge sports nut and we went to the game to see the Dierks Bently concert the first time around. Our reasoning was country girls are hot, and the weather was hot (skimpy clothes) and country girls love Dierks Bently. The concert got swapped for Big and Rich, but whatever. Anyways, had an absoloute blast and started watching every single game from there on out. I think I only missed one or two after that due to travel or work.

They have another locker tag available. I was just buying up the JZ stuff to get framed for my roommate's going away present. So far it's got a locker tag, a autographed game worn jz jersey, a game used ball that he pitched on the same day that he wore the jersey and an autographed ball.

The way I see it, since he's moving to Phoenix and is gonna be stuck watchin D-Bags games, he should at least be able to take part of a good team with him LOL.