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Lerners or the FO, whoever, find a way to dilute this whole thing by greed. Jesus christ, $100 for one of a million empty bottles? That little memorabilia shop has been a thorn with insane prices every time I pass by it, but that... Here's a nutty idea. Those of us who had 81 game season tickets through 08 and 09, whose seat went used when we set attendance lows? Howsabout a nice thank you instead of a nice f you by charging $100 for glass?

So they aren't selling the beer bottles the players used? I'm selling my Werth celebration Miller Lite bottle for $1000 then. The players threw four or five to the fans, I've got Werth on TV dousing me with it right before he tossed it to me. If one of a hundred champagne bottles is worth $100, one of five aluminum beer cans should be a grand easy! *sigh*

Can anybody post that video?