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Re: Define Natitude: Living Social
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I wonder how many people will ride to the game. If 10,000 do at 4.50 fare, that'd be only 4,500. 20,000 would be 9,000, under 33% of the deposit. And that's assuming the games goes late.

The late night fares are somewhere in the range of $5.36 so it doesn't take as many riders to make up the difference.  Also, Living Social only put down a deposit, if none of the games go late they get a full refund.

(When I was back at GMU 10,000 times 4.50 was 45K)  :-)

Event organizers are required to put down a $29,500 deposit for an extra hour of service. WMATA refunds whatever is left of the deposit based on how many riders take trains during the extended period. For example, 5,229 customers used Metro after Madonna's concert at Verizon Center Sunday, so the actual cost to the arena was only $1,472.