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Re: Define Natitude
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No, I don't think anyone is a fool for taking a tough job.  Ok, maybe the Baltimore job, but still.

If people see he's delivering given limited resources he'll still have career options once this job wears thin.

I never said he wouldn't, I only said he was a fool to expect a leopard to change its spots.  There are tough jobs and there are jobs you take knowing the situation isn't going to change but it's a paycheck or a step to something better.  If the Boz is fired up due to Rizzo whining about something he knew was going to happen Rizzo should either give up on things changing (not likely) or find another GM position (equally unlikely).  He knew who the Lerners were and what the job was going to entail before he took it.  That he's looking like a clown now that the Lerners have shown him (again) what they really are (completely incompetent) is on him.