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Baseball Prospectus playoff odds: 100.0%
Odds of winning the division: 92.9%

Anyone know where you can find the % of a player's contact pulled, hit up the middle, an hit opposite field?  I looked at B-R and Fangraphs.  While they both have PAs/ABs with pull / CF / Oppo totals, they did not have % of contact each way.  I suppose one way to handle this is just to drop the data into an excell sheet, but, being old and not doing my own number crunching as part of my job since 1984, I don't work spread sheets well.

I might end up doing the math by hand. They list the amount of ABs and hits, after all, but I'd be afraid of screwing up the calculation by forgetting some aspect.

By the way, the Riggs/Johnson switch DOES show up in the success rates of our pull hitters, in terms of their averages and power numbers...