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Re: Stats. Giggity!
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According to UZR he's saved 112 runs in his career, good for 11 wins on his defense alone.

Plus, he's a three time GG'er.

Trust me, I've worked with the equipment they use to figure out dWAR, it's not nearly as accurate as UZR is. BR has said as much in the past, as well.

Hell, even his dWAR has him at 9 wins above average on defense over his career. That's outstanding. Especially when you consider 60 WAR is usually considered the tipping point of HOF'er or not.

A cumulative 9 dWAR over a 16 year career is good?  Further 112 runs over a 16 year career is good?  11 wins in 16 years?  Seems uninspiring to me.

I can't argue the methodology since I am not familiar enough with it, I can only go on results.

And you and I both know GG's are subjective.