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Just did the projection that if Strasburg is the OD starter and stays on an every 5 game schedule, assuming no rain outs, he'll miss the Boston series and the following week would start the Sunday game of the Yankees series (hello, ESPN game of the week).  If he starts the 2nd game of the year so that he pitches the opener at Nats Park like some have speculated, he'd miss both series assuming the 5 game schedule, no rain outs, yada yada...  Somehow I don't see that happening.  Wouldn't be shocked if they manipulate it so he starts the Sunday Boston game for an ESPN appearance that week which would put him on schedule to start the Saturday game vs. the Yankees (hello, FOX).  To do that without having to make adjustments midseason, he'd have to be the 5th starter, which I don't see happening.  Just some speculative, gerrymandering fun for you this Monday afternoon.

Also, Stras starting Opening Day projects him to starting on the 4th of July...