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Thought Id start a more General ROAD TRIP THREAD

So who else wants to see Os and NATS at Boston?  They are both there the same week!  Its the 100th Anniversary of FENWAY.

JCA, Where should one stay for cheap lodgings in Boston?  Im seriously planning this.

There are no cheap hotels in Boston proper.  There really isn't in downtown.   I don't have much in the way of advice.  Certainly nothing reasonable for longer than a weekend.  This is one of the more expensive markets for government travel.  The parking around Fenway is ridiculous, too.  You might have some luck going out a way on one of the T lines, but I think you want to be close to stuff.  I really can't advise much.  I don't stay in hotels.  There's a commuter rail station near Fenway (Yawkey Station?) and there is rail after the ball game.  You might  have luck in suburbs like Arlington or Quincy (Red Line), which would let you go into boston on the T.  Maybe some other areas, too.   Feel free to PM me or post here if you have some hotels or neighborhoods.