Author Topic: Ryan Braun is a Juicer?  (Read 10078 times)

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Re: Ryan Braun is a Juicer?
« Reply #125: December 20, 2011, 08:50:31 AM »
MDS - maybe i'm missing something, but the one who leaked the positive test result is the one who Braun will destroy legally, not whoever is talking about herpes.  If it truly is due to the supposed herpes treatment, then this blows away any previously known crack in the security of the testing regime nationally and internationally. 

The Landis case had the problem that he cheated, so no one had much sympathy for the horrendous mishandling of tests and the leaks to the press.   The Clenbuterol farce looked isolated to the drug (half of one of mexico's national soccer teams was incorrectly disqualified from a tournament due to tainted meat and not doping, much like Contador) This may even kill the Armstrong case, which had the same prosecutor as the BALCO investigation and had the same leaks of grand jury testimony (surprise :roll: ) . 

The investigating authorities are in cahoots with a press that is only too eager to publish leaked results in total disregard for the consequences of a false accusation.   there is no regard for the legality of the information that has been obtained.  the handling by the prosecutors of the illegally seized 2003 test results in baseball is a disgrace to the bar and the Department of Justice (not only was grand jury info leaked, but the evidence in question never should have been in the hands of the government to begin with).  Fortunately, HIPAA has teeth.  I'm looking forward to seeing some well paid sharks in pinstripe suits ripping up some of the leakers.