Author Topic: Ryan Braun is a Juicer?  (Read 8101 times)

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Re: Ryan Braun is a Juicer?
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Bud Selig once mentioned Braun and Zimm as examples of guys doing it the right way. Steroid free.

Braun had never been linked to PEDs previously; in fact, at the 2009 All-Star Game in St. Louis, when commissioner Bud Selig addressed efforts by Albert Pujols to tamp down questions about steroid use, he invoked Braun as a shining example of the sport's tough testing policy.

"Albert Pujols is absolutely right. He has been tested since he started playing," Selig said. "So has Ryan Howard. So has Ryan Braun, Ryan Zimmerman. Since they were in the minors." :mg:

Having your MVP popped for roids is a bombshell, if you ask me. Especially someone that was considered a 'good guy'.

I'm not as die-hard a baseball fan as some other people.  If it doesn't involve the Nats, I'm not as interested.  I don't mean it's not news worthy or anything.